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Our mission at Chaga Moon is to provide superior wild mushroom products to the public. Our hopes are high and we strive to create the best herbal remedies to reach as many people as possible.

The Chaga Mushroom

Science has enhanced the concentration and effectiveness of modern day Chaga extracts. Thanks to science, stronger double extractions are available to allow more thorough absorption and better supplementation. Chaga grows on living birch trees in extremely cold regions of northern latitudes. Temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-3 months per year are required to maximize growth and potency.

King of the Medicinal Mushrooms

Chaga, AKA the king of herbs, has been used as a health tonic by native cultures around the world for hundreds if not thousands of years. This unique nutrient dense organism boasts numerous medicinal properties. Although not yet approved by the FDA, Chaga does harbor powerful cleansing, antiseptic, adaptogenic, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and Immune System balancing compounds. Hundreds of studies have been documented and many claims made about the healing powers of Chaga.

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