Wild Chaga Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream

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Ingredients: Chaga tea, Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Grape seed oil, Chaga double extract tincture, hemp seed oil, rice bran oil, BTMS 50 (vegetable based emulsifier), chamomile extract, stearic acid, rose hip seed oil, carrot extract, vitamin E, arrow root, pro vitamin B5, optiphen, sweet orange essential oil and elemi essential oil.


Our handmade Wild Chaga Anti-Oxidant Moisturizing Cream is the most nutrient dense skincare product we offer at Chaga Moon!  We use a fusion of all natural ingredients coupled with our fat and water soluble wild Chaga extractions.  This combination of moisturizing and healing properties greatly enhances our cream.  The powerful adaptogenic anti-oxidants, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial nature of our Chaga extractions supports the skins ability to heal.  These full spectrum extractions also contain a very high melanin content.  Melanin effectively guards the skin from UV rays, dark spots and wrinkles.  We developed this dynamic cream specifically for the face.  However, the high nutrient content serves as a restorative hand cream as well.  Our Wild Chaga Anti-Oxidant Moisturizing Cream is functional, mildly scented and silky smooth.  We have faith that anyone using this cream will instantly fall in love.
•DISCLAIMER:  Chaga Anti-Oxidant Moisturizing Cream should not be used as a substitution for Sun Block.

3 reviews for Wild Chaga Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream

  1. Cheryl Wright

    Absolutely love this!! 58 years old and I have been thru many creams, just found this at a show in Manchester they did at Equinox Resort, it’s fabulous, natural & no perfumes.Skin feels great!

  2. Lauri

    I recently bought this facial cream and love it!

  3. Krista

    Bought some at a market near Rutland. I Absolutely adore this product. Works wonders for my puffy under eyes and dry skin. I appreciate how well it works under makeup. Keep up the awesome work!

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